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About Us:

Sensenich Technologies is a new division of Sensenich Propellers, created to take our experience in machining and composite processing and apply it to other aerospace and commercial applications.


As a company, we have been making the "ultimate primary structural part", better known as a propeller, for over 80 years. We started with wooden propellers over 70 years ago, added aluminum propellers during the 1940's, and jumped into prepreg carbon propellers in the late 1990's.


With our CAD/CAM capabilities and various composite processes, we can approach virtually any demanding application and take it from concept, to prototype development, all the way to production.


Our specialty is working in prepreg composites. Prepreg composites offer more stiffness and strength with lower weight, higher temperature resistance and more complex molded geometry.


We do internal pressure molding at 100 psi, compression molding on various different foam cores, high temperature vacuum bagging and resin infusion, as well as generate 3D models and build most of the tooling in-house.

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