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Sensenich Technologies range of testing services was born out of a need to quantify the structural properties of highly loaded ultimate primary structural parts (propellers). Current services include thrust testing, tensile testing, operational foreign object damage (FOD) / erosion testing, vibration analysis, and strain gage measurement on a variety of metallic and composite structures.


Thrust Testing

Sensenich can provide real world static thrust measurements for a wide variety of power settings and operating conditions on electric and Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) platforms. Our current capabilities accommodate applications with power ranging from 2 HP to over 2000 HP and diameters from as little as 15 inches to as large as 100 inches.


Tensile Testing

Sensenich offers sample preparation and tensile testing services on metal and composite structures up to 36 inches in length with a maximum capacity of 60,000 lbs. Some examples of previous tensile test specimens include mechanically joined flanges, bonded retention structures and hybrid retention assemblies.


FOD Testing

Sensenich is capable of performing and assessing damage to rotating structures and associated protective coatings using a wide variety of materials including sand, water, ice, plant material and various aggregates. Our ability to create custom test rigs allows for precision placement of objects at critical locations along the structure.  

Vibration analysis – Sensenich has extensive experience in experimental modal analysis of various structures primarily those made of metal and composite. Our current equipment can handle frequencies in the range of 1 to 4000 Hz and a physical size of up to 10’ by 10’.


Strain Gage Installation & Measurement

Sensenich offers complete strain gage testing services ranging from determination of gage placement to installation, measurement and analysis of data. Sensenich utilizes a mobile telemetry based system that is ideal for use in light aircraft and rotating machinery with minimal installation impact. This system is capable of capturing 8 channels of data simultaneously at a rate 250 kS/s.

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